About EVA Elan Vital Academy

Our intention is to put Romanian psychotherapists and therapists at the center of attention, care and professional support. We want to offer them the opportunity for professional development and the possibility to do this work feeling connected to the community that supports them.
The goal is to make available throughout the year a range of short or long-term webinar/seminar or training events, facilitated by international experts with clinical experience in the field of trauma.
In many workplaces where there are mental health professionals, their health and quality of life is not prioritized and there is an increased risk of exposure to secondary (vicariant) trauma, stress and burn-out. Developing the ability to do this work without leaving oneself aside is a necessity, and we want to open your access to it.

The field of trauma is changing and changing very quickly.

Studies show that most people who seek treatment for a trauma-related problem have a history of multiple traumas: developmental, shock, intergenerational and a complex way in which they appear combined and intertwined in one's life (C-Ptsd).

We make accessible to psychotherapists, and thus to their clients, the way to concretely implement, in everyday life at the office, the most advanced methods in the field of trauma treatment.